Attending the best school or university in your country is something that is on every student’s (and even their parents’!) mind. Competition is fierce, and many students try their hardest to achieve good results to make it through. Some even retake exams to ensure that they are not left behind. While you were searching for international school in Bangkok or any other big city springs to your mind so easily. But have you have wondered why you need to study? Or specifically, why do you need a good education? There are so many answers to this question, and all of them are very good reasons for spending your time studying:

•    To Become Independent – While you are schooling, you most definitely depend on your parents or guardians to make it through every day of the year. Once you finally reach adulthood, you will need to find a way to make ends meet by yourself.  Which means finding money and work. You may also have to care for your elderly parents, relatives and even younger siblings.

•    To Find Work – Continuing from above, if you want to find work nowadays, you need to have some kind of qualification. Even basic jobs that in the past only required you to attend primary or secondary school now require much more qualifications than just that. If you want to aim for a good, well-paid and well recognized job, a good education and a degree is compulsory.

•    To develop as a Human – No matter whether you want to become a doctor or a clerk, you need some amount of general knowledge if you want to survive in this world. This isn’t about what you learn in the books or the formulas that you need to memorize to pass your exams: this is about the basic life skills you acquire ever since you first start going to kindergarten. Emotional and social development have occurred in you since then, even though you might not have noticed.

•    To Make Your Dreams Come True – As children, we all had dreams of becoming an important person someday. What’s more, the only way to realize your dreams is through a good education. With a bit of perseverance, you can finally become the respected person you aimed to be.

•    To Have More Options – If you want to send your children to an Bangkok international prep school, fees need to pay yearly. Similarly, you need more money to buy a BMW or Mercedes-Benz than a similar Toyota or Honda car. What a good education can give you is the ability to have better choices in your life. This is not only limited to the monetary side: educated people tend to be respected by the society, which can help you voice your opinions much more easily.

•    To Build a Better Society – Educated people tend to have broader views regarding the world, politics, gender equality and other similar issues. A lot of conflicts can be avoided if people were to be more open to the views of other people, something that only a good education can impart.