A language is what we use to communicate with each other. Therefore, in order for the other party to understand the point we are making, it needs to be a common medium that both can talk in. This is where languages come to play. We find different people conversing with each other in different languages that matter to them. It could be a language that is widely used in the world, or it could even be a minor language. Whatever, it is, it will be their medium to communicate with each other. So, what are the most widely used languages in the world? Take a look below.

Chinese, better known as Mandarin when it comes to language terms, is the most widely spoken language in the world. Believe it or not, there are approximately one billion people in the world that speak in Mandarin. Mandarin is known to be highly pictorial in symbols and you are certain to have a good time while learning it. Not only that, wouldn’t it be exciting to learn a language that one sixth of the world uses to communicate with each other? Why wait when you can take your shot at it as well.

No, English still has not been able to surpass the beautiful language of Spanish. Used by around 400 million people in the world, it is one of the most loved and adored languages that people love to her and speak. The parts of South and Central America are filled with natives that speak Spanish as their mother tongue and you will find many individuals in the world that learn this language due to its beauty in pronunciation. However, it is not a professionally used language like English that even requires proficiency qualifications which people attain by attending PTE academic test and IELTS classes.

Have you received PTE coaching just so you could be qualified in English language proficiency before travelling abroad for your higher studies? This is because English is the world’s most widely spoken professional language, especially in international affairs. This is why people are advised to have sound knowledge in English in order to be able to help themselves whenever they travel abroad. You are reading this article because English is either your native tongue, secondary language or a language of significance in your life.

Out of the 23 languages present in India, Hindi is indeed the most popular and widely spoken language there. It is known for its beauty, especially the use of it in their music industry. Don’t we all love a good old Hindi song to keep our moods up? Therefore, it will be quite useful if you can learn at least bits of the aforementioned languages, for you never know when you might need them.