Achieving goals and setting goals these two things are the most important for every student because they want to pursue their career and want to achieve their goals which they have set., becoming a doctor for any students I will be a long journey because they need to go a long way but for that they need to be passionate and determined to achieve their goals and patience is the key of success because it is not like you clear all the exams in a single go because most of the people give one exam twice or thrice because it is not easy and there are people who cleared their exams in a single go but you don’t need to lose your hopes. For example, you want to become a doctor and you already a MBBS student but you flunk in your one exam and lose all your hope and become a hopeless person but this is not the solution you need to find out where you are lacking and get a grip on it because you want to be a successful doctor.

There are many people who are doctor but they don’t have good communication skill neither they are good to listen, for that they need to get a course of OSCE where they learn all the basic skill which required for becoming a successful doctor, basically osce is a clinical exam where the seniors doctors measure the skills of the doctor and they decide either they can pursue further in their field or they need to work on it because they will check your capabilities and skills which you need as a professional doctor and this internal medicine OSCE stations

Communication is the key of the successful doctor because if you are not able to communicate then how it is possible for you to describe anything to the patient and it will make you fail doctor because when the patient is not convinced what are you saying then how you become a successful doctor. Osce has a set of stations and there are many stations but past osce stations were less because now a day technology increases so do illness and diseases.

There is the number of stations which include general physician, best past osce stations and so on. Students need to prepare themselves before the final exams, there are many institutes where they get enrol and prepare themselves by the professional. OSCE framework is one the best online institute where you get to learn how to present yourself in the exam and what are do and don’t because it will affect your career.