It’s always a must that we be a safe and a good driver. Especially when you are having your family and friends in the vehicle you have to make sure you follow all the road rules. When it comes for safe, defensive driving, there are several benefits you get by following the rules. It does include the financial perks that can actually save you a lot. Whether you have a good driving history or if you are just a beginner, these below advantages will help you out on becoming a better driver.

Reduces the risks of road accidents

Road accidents one of the major problems in the world. These are mostly happening because of drink and driving, mobile phone uses and over speeding. Most of the people who are unable to stop the drink and drive and sent to behavior change programs. It is also found that cell phone use during driving have increased a lot of car accidents per year. However, one of the most common cause for accidents is speeding. Click here for more info on behaviour change programs.

Earn Much lower car insurance rates

If you have gone under Vicroads behavior change program of You will learn quite a lot of things. However, one of the most important thing you also have to check is the insurance. You should be able to get very low rates on car insurance. If you have a good and clean driving record. Such as if you have avoided accidents, serious infractions you can simply qualify to become a good driver or claim free discount as well.

You can avoid tickets

One of the other major things you also need to think about when it comes to driving is the parking tickets. Traffic violations such as speeding, running the traffic lights and not using seat belts will leave you spending a lot of money. Since these kind of fines and fees are quite expensive. These fees will also include the court fees and surcharges that you have to pay. Even the penalty running from a red light can cos you few dollars. So it’s always best to keep on track and follow the road rules.